Epidemiology & Community Health

Our Division of Epidemiology and Community Health focuses on disease and health in various populations. Our experts lead and collaborate with partners on research projects and academic programming that examine the distribution, cause and prevention of diseases, and how human behavior affects overall health.

Their specific areas of research build on our robust history of discoveries involving cancer, cardiovascular disease, global health, infectious disease, maternal and child health, healthy weight, social epidemiology, and substance abuse.

two faculty members
David Jacobs
Mayo Professor of Public Health
Melissa Laska
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Laurie Lucachick
Senior Teaching Specialist
Ruby Nguyen
Morse-Alumni Distinguished University Teaching Professor and Associate Professor
John Oswald
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Judy Punyko
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Alicen Spaulding
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Ivan Wu
Assistant Professor