Sandra Safo
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Rm 226, Ste 200, University Office Plaza
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University Office Plaza, Ste 200
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Sandra Safo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Biostatistics & Health Data Science


PhD, Statistics, University of Georgia, 2014
MSc, Applied Mathematics, The University of Akron, 2009
BA, Mathematics and Economics, University of Ghana, 2006


I am interested in developing statistical methods and computational tools to help identify risk factors for complex diseases. Specifically, I have been developing multivariate statistical methods, statistical learning (including classification, discriminant analysis, association studies), data integration, and feature selection methods for high-dimensional data. Currently, I develop methods for integrative analysis of “omics” (including genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics) and clinical data to help elucidate the complex interactions of these multifaceted data types. My current application is CVD in HIV-infected women. I am also interested in epidemiologic research in CVD, diabetes, and diabetes complications. View the Integrative Modeling Dashboard (opens in a new window).


Multivariate Statistical Analysis, High-dimensional data, Data integration, Statistical Learning (Discriminant Analysis, Classification), Sample Size Estimation, Statistical genomics, Metabolomics.

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