Eva Enns, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Health Policy and Management

Eva Enns

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Office Phone 612-626-4581

Office Address:
15-228 Phillips-Wangensteen Building

Mailing Address:
420 Delaware St SE
MMC 729 Mayo
Minneapolis, MN 55455

PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2012

MS, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2008

BSc, Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006


I develop mathematical models of the spread of infectious diseases that help evaluate strategies aimed at mitigating disease impact through prevention and/or treatment. My aim is to inform better infectious disease prevention, management, and control policies as well as to develop new methodologies or tools to better address issues surrounding infectious disease outbreaks. 


Infectious disease, mathematical modeling, cost-effectiveness, HIV/AIDS, STIs, network analysis, model calibration


Research Methods/Techniques

I employ a range of methods in my research, including concepts from engineering, such as optimization and resource allocation, mathematical modeling, decision analysis, and cost-effective analysis.

Research Funding Grants

  • 2015–2020, NIH NIAID, "Mathematical modeling and analysis of HIV care trajectories and retention in care challenges," Principal Investigator
  • 2015–2020, National Cancer Institute/NIH, "Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies," Co-Investigator
  • 2013–2017, USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture, "Use of Cattle Movement and Epidemiological Modeling to Improve Bovine Tuberculosis Risk-based Surveillance," Co-Investigator


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Select Recent Publications

  • Enns EA, Reilly CS, Virnig BA, Baker K, Vogenthaler N, Henry K. "Potential Impact of Integrating HIV Surveillance and Clinic Data on Retention-in-Care Estimates and Re-Engagement Efforts," AIDS Patient Care and STDs, Sept 2016
  • VanderWaal K, Enns EA, Picasso C, Packer C, Craft ME. "Evaluating empirical contact networks as potential transmission pathways for infectious diseases," The Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Aug 2016
  • Fleming-Dutra KE, Hersh AL, Shapiro DJ, Bartoces M, Enns EA, File TM Jr, Finkelstein JA, Gerber JS, Hyun DY, Linder JA, Lynfield R, Margolis DJ, May LS, Merenstein D, Metlay JP, Newland JG, Piccirillo JF, Roberts RM, Sanchez GV, Suda KJ, Thomas A, Woo TM, Zetts RM, Hicks LA. "Prevalence of Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescriptions Among US Ambulatory Care Visits, 2010-2011," JAMA, May 2016
  • Enns EA, Zaric GS, Strike CJ, Jairam JA, Kolla G, Bayoumi AM. "Potential cost-effectiveness of supervised injection facilities in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada," Addiction, March 2016
  • Sanstead E, Kenyon C, Rowley S, Enns E, Miller C, Ehresmann K, Kulasingam S. "Understanding Trends in Pertussis Incidence: An Agent-Based Model Approach," American Journal of Public Health, Sept 2015


Academic Interests and Focus

My approach to teaching centers on providing students with the mathematical skills to conduct decision and/or cost-effectiveness analysis of real-world policy questions, as well as the mathematical intuition and critical thinking skills to interpret and critique the analysis of others.


  • PubH 6717, Decision Analysis in Health Care


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