Dori Cross
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Phillips-Wangensteen Building, 15-230
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420 Delaware St. SE
MMC 729
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Dori Cross, PhD

Associate Professor, Division of Health Policy & Management


PhD, Health Services Organization and Policy (Cognate: Organizational Studies), University of Michigan, 2018
BSPH, BA Health Policy and Management, Economics, University of North Carolina, 2010


My research advances understanding of, and seeks solutions to, the complex management challenges that impede the digital transformation of health care organizations. Innovations in technology are often touted as solutions for an information environment known to be siloed, disorganized, and deeply insufficient for supporting patient care, especially in the context of handoffs and transitions. And yet, these solutions often fail to demonstrate real value. My conceptual and empirical research contributions identify the underlying sociotechnical challenges that impede technology-supported teamwork, and offer novel policy and practice insights to address these challenges.

My three focused areas of scholarly contribution include:

  1. Assessing gaps in interoperability and the implications for an organizational digital divide;
  2. Identifying solutions that improve post-acute care transitions; and
  3. Use of EHR metadata to measure provider behavior and support organizational learning/improvement.


Health Information Technology, Health Information Exchange, Care Transitions, Delivery System Reform, Implementation Science, Mixed Methods.

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