Weihua Guan, PhD

Associate Professor, Division of Biostatistics

Weihua Guan

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-626-4765

Mailing Address:
420 Delaware St SE
MMC 303 Mayo
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Associate Professor, Division of Biostatistics

PhD, Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 2010

MS, Statistics, Texas A & M University

BS, Chemistry, Peking University


My research focuses on statistical genetics and the identification of genes involved in complex diseases and traits, with a special emphasis on developing statistical and analytical methods for the genetic data with new high-throughput technologies.


Chronic diseases, genetics, methods, statistical genetics, genomics, genome-wide association, DNA methylation

Awards & Recognition

  • Member, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health


Research Funding Grants

  • 2016–2018, NIH Nat'l Inst of Child health/Human Dev, "Offspring genome wide DNA methylation patterns at birth and the intrauterine environment in the EAGeR Trial," Co-Investigator
  • 2013–2017, Leukemia and Lymphoma Soc, "Biomarkers of Frailty and Its Impact on Geriatric HSCT Outcomes," Co-Investigator
  • 2013–2017, NIH NCI, "An Integrated Study of Mitochondrial Pathways in Colorectal Cancer," Co-Investigator


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Selected Recent Publications

  • Yoon G, Zheng Y, Zhang Z, Zhang H, Gao T, Joyce B, Zhang W, Guan W, Baccarelli AA, Jiang W, Schwartz J, Vokonas PS, Hou L, Liu L. "Ultra-high dimensional variable selection with application to normative aging study: DNA methylation and metabolic syndrome," BMC Bioinformatics, March 2017
  • Mendelson MM, Marioni RE, Joehanes R, Liu C, Hedman ÅK, Aslibekyan S, Demerath EW, Guan W, et al. "Association of Body Mass Index with DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in Blood Cells and Relations to Cardiometabolic Disease: A Mendelian Randomization Approach," PLoS Medicine, Jan 2017
  • Ligthart S, Marzi C, Aslibekyan S, Mendelson MM, Conneely KN, Tanaka T, Colicino E, Waite LL, Joehanes R, Guan W, et al. "DNA methylation signatures of chronic low-grade inflammation are associated with complex diseases," Genome Biology, Dec 2016
  • Ho YY, Guan W, O'Connell M, Basu S. "Powerful association test combining rare variant and gene expression using family data from Genetic Analysis Workshop 19," BMC Proceedings, Oct 2016
  • Joehanes R, Just AC, Marioni RE, Pilling LC, Reynolds LM, Mandaviya PR, Guan W, et al. "Epigenetic Signatures of Cigarette Smoking," Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, Sept 2016



  • PubH 7402, Biostatistics Modeling and Methods
  • PubH 8401, Linear Models.