Matteo Convertino, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Environmental Health Sciences

Matteo Convertino

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-624-0132

Office Address:
1232 Mayo

Mailing Address:
420 Delaware St SE
MMC 807 Mayo
Minneapolis, MN 55455

PhD, Civil and Environmental Sciences, University of Padova

MSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Padova

BSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Padova


My research focuses on complex systems modeling to address population health challenges. This modeling is done not only for predictive purposes but also for full system state exploration, guiding surveillance, management, system design, stakeholder engagement, and risk communication. 


Theoretical and Computational Complexity Science, in particular integrated information; Network and Decision Sciences for applying and developing theories, methods, and technology that are useful in helping understand, design, and manage population systems/patterns (from biological, environmental, social, technological, and integrated systems).

Awards & Recognition

  •  Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale (National Italian Scientific Abilitation) to the Associate Professor Level in Italy based on titles, publications and funding, Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, 2017
  • Outstanding Reviewer, Environmental Modeling & Software, 2016
  • Top 10 Team Dengue and Influenza Forecasting Challenge, Office of Science and Technology Policy – US White House – and CDC, 2016
  • Sigma Xi Scientific Society Fellow, 2015-present
  • Delta Omega Honors Society of Public Health, 2014
  • Faculty in Industry Award, University of Minnesota Informatics Institute, 2014
  • AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement, 2014
  • ISSNAF 3rd prize, Young Scientist Award in Environmental Sciences (Medaglia Presidente della Repubblica, Italy), Nov. 2014


Research Summary/Interests

I am specifically working on: Information Diffusion Dynamics and Models, Collective Behavior, Stochastic Transport Phenomena, Uncertainty Propagation Methods, Nonlinear Dynamics, Social Computing and Mental Modeling, Mobile-embedded Models and App, Participatory Computing and Human-Computer Interaction, Model Driven Technology Design and Design of Experiments, Data Analytics (broadly speaking), Information Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (integrated to Mathematical Models), Image/Pattern Ontogeny and Analyses, Fractals, Portfolio Decision Modeling and Optimization, Numerical Models and Data Assimilation, Model Evaluation and Design (Metamodeling), Model Ensembles, Forecasting Science (Real-time, Early Warning, and long-term Predictions), and Complexity Science Theory,

Research Methods/Techniques

Considering fields of sciences, I am interested in Statistical Physics/Data Analytics, Stochastic Processes, Aesthetic Computing/Data Visualization, Systemic Risk Analysis/Management/Communication, Decision Science and Neuroeconomics, Neurosciences (Connectomics and Network Psychopathology), Environmental Sciences, Modeling & Management (Ecohydrology, Geomorphology, Bio-sociodiversity, Climate Change, Fluid Dynamics), Computational Pathology and Systems Epidemiology, Macroepidemiology, Systems Biology, One Health, Food Systems, Population Health Sciences, Personalized Medicine, Sustainability Science, Philosophy of Science, Art in Science (and vice versa), and Digital Humanities.

Research Funding Grants

  • "Emerging Chemical Detection in Animals and the Environment," LCCMR, Co-Principal Investigator
  • "An Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the Health and Well-Being of Minnesotans," CDC/MDH, Principal Investigator
  • "Minnesota Buildling Resilience Against Climate Effects," CDC/MDH, Principal Investigator
  • Academic Health Center, "Promoting STEM Methods in Population Health: Case Studies of a Reverse Engineering Model for Detection/Attribution and System Design," Principal Investigator
  • "Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy, and Livable Cities," NSF Sustainability Research Network Program, Co-Principal Investigator
  • "Diabetes Epigenetics: Detection of Environmental Drivers and Optimal Controls," Institute on the Environment, Principal Investigator


See a full list of my publications on PubMed

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Selected Publications

  • E. S. McLamore; M. Convertino; John Hondred; Suprem Das; J. C. Claussen, et al. "Bio-inspired patterned networks (BIPS) for development of wearable/disposable biosensors," Proc. SPIE 9863, Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technology XIII, 986309 (May 13, 2016)
  • Reis S, Seto E, Northcross A, Quinn N, Convertino M, Jones RL, Maier H, Schlink U, Vieno M, Wimberley M, Steinle S, (2014) Integrating modeling and smart sensors for coupling environmental and human health, Environmental Modeling and Software, Dec 2015
  • Convertino,M., Munoz-Carpena R., Kiker G.A., Perz S. "Design of Monitoring Networks by Value of Information Optimization: Experiment in the Amazon," Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 2013
  • Convertino M., Liu H, Hwang H. "Optimal Surveillance System Design for Outbreak Source Detection Maximization: a Value of Information Model," Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling, 2014
  • Convertino, M., C.M. Foran, J.M. Keisler, L. Scarlett, A. LoSchiavo, G.A. Kiker, I. Linkov (2013). Enhanced Adaptive Management: Integrating Decision Analysis, Scenario Analysis and Environmental Modeling for the Everglades, Scientific Reports, Jan 2013



  • PubH 6100, Topics: Environmental Heath, Complexity Science: How Systems Work, Spring 2017
  • Complexity Science: How Systems Work, University Honors Program, Spring 2016

Community Engagement

I push myself to make my models more relevant by applying them in the real world. I created a Think-Tank called HumNat Lab as a way to stimulate conversations about complexity science and modeling in public health, but more generally the Think-Tank is about analysis and modeling of population patterns with a focus on Data Analytics and Sustainability. Also, I created a start-up company via the collaboration with outside industries (mainly THOR Construction and Sustainability) that participate in my NSF project about sustainable cities and the Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Minnesota. The start-up company called S.M.ART Solutions is primarily focusing on the development and application of a portfolio decision model for systems analysis and value-based sustainable design. Some applications of the model specifically include health criteria (such as for a project in collaboration with Medtronic); yet, this effort is promoting public health via computationally driven solutions in communities and industries at large. The portfolio model is actually expanding toward many more applications and new business lines. In particular I am developing mobile applications where mathematical models are implemented for supporting decision making; for instance one application is called ‘’SMARTmove’’ and implements a portfolio decision model with a interactive layer of the Gopher Way tunnel system for value-based route planning at the University. Note how this App can also be useful in research settings for evaluating choice formulation, contact networks, and epidemiological outcomes related to social dynamics. The App is currently in development also with the support of the Center for Transportation Studies. 

I serve the following organizations: 

  • S.M.ART Solutions LLC, Chief Analytics Officer, Sept 2015-present
  • THOR Companies, Science and Technology Consultant, June 2015-present
  • Kykos LLC, Chief Analytics Officer and Principal, Sept 2015-present
  • COMPLEXSUS, Think Tank about Complex Systems Engineering (Design and Technology), September 2014-present
  • ?IDRAN Engineering and Technology, Roma (Italy) and Miami, Florida (USA), (Prof. Fernando


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