Jude Mikal, PhD

Vice Chair, Research Committee, Division of Health Policy and Management

Jude Mikal

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Office Address:
D-386, Mayo Building

Mailing Address:
420 Delaware St. SE
MMC 729
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Vice Chair, Research Committee, Division of Health Policy and Management

Research Scientist VI, Division of Health Policy and Management

PhD, Education, University of California, Santa Barbara (2010)

MA, Education, University of California, Santa Barbara (2008)

MA, French Literature, Tulane University (2004)

BS, Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley (2000)

BA, (eq.) French Literature, University of California, Berkeley


For more than a decade, I have provided one-on-one consultations to faculty and investigative teams in the areas of project development, research design, and grant development. Researchers generally come to me with early drafts of their specific aims page, proposal narrative, or proposed plan for re-submission, and I provide feedback from the vantage point of an educated non-expert.

In addition to providing support in proposal development and project design, I am an expert in qualitative research methods, transition-related stress, and the impact of online social interaction on mental and physical well-being.


  • Faculty support: project development and research strategy, research design and grant writing.
  • Methods: qualitative interviews, focus groups, participant observation, qualitative data analysis.
  • Topic: stress, stress coping, social coping, computer-mediated communication, computer-mediate social support.

Awards & Recognition

2017 Outstanding Service Award, Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation


Research Summary/Interests

I am currently working on a project designed to qualitatively and qualitatively assess changes in breast cancer patients’ Facebook use patterns following cancer diagnosis and transition off cancer therapies.

Research Funding Grants

In have reviewed over 500 proposals ranging in size from several hundred to several million dollars and submitted to a host of national agencies and private foundations, including NASA, NSF, NIH, DoD, RWJ, Smith-Richardson, Ford, Russel Sage and others. I have consulted on successful proposals from a variety of social, behavioral, physical, and health sciences.

In addition, I have lent my scientific and qualitative methods expertise to a number of extramural and on campus grants, including several ongoing collaborations relating to computer-mediated communication, health, social support, and cancer diagnosis.



  • Mikal, J.P., Hurst, S., & Conway, M. (2016). Ethical Issues in Using Twitter Data for Population-level Depression Monitoring: A qualitative study. BMC-Medical Ethics, 17(1), 22.
  • Mikal, J.P., & Woodfield, B. (2015). Refugees, Post-Migration Stress, and Internet Use: A Qualitative Analysis of Intercultural Adjustment and Internet Use Among Iraqi and Sudanese Refugees to the United States. (2015). Qualitative Health Research, 25(10), 1319-1333.
  • Mikal, J. P., Rice, R. E., Kent, R. G., & Uchino, B. N. (2014). Common voice: Analysis of behavior modification and content convergence in a popular online community. Computers in Human Behavior, 35, 506-515.
  • Mikal, J., Rice, R., Abeyta, A., & Devilbiss, J. (2013). Transition, Stress and Computer Mediated Social Support. Computers and Human Behavior, 29(5), A40 – A53.


  • Mikal, J., & Rumore, G. (2018, January 4). 10 Common Grant Writing Errors. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from: https://www.chronicle.com/article/10-Common-Grant-Writing/242150


Teaching Areas

CLA8000. FALL 2017 / 2018. Grant Writing for the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Mikal can serve as a reader for students working with social media data, along with those working on issues related to stress, stress coping, social coping, and online social interactions. In addition, he is able to serve on dissertation committees on an as-requested basis.

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