Baolin Wu, PhD

Professor, Division of Biostatistics

Baolin Wu

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-624-0647

Office Address:
A442 Mayo

Mailing Address:
420 Delaware St SE
MMC 303 Mayo
Minneapolis, MN 55455

PhD, Biostatistics, Yale University, 2004

BS, Probability and Statistics, Peking University, 1999


My research interests include functional genomics, proteomics, statistical genetics, multiple hypothesis testing, and machine learning. My work focuses on using and developing computational and statistical methods to solve significant scientific problems. This has included work on skin cancer, cancer genetics, biomedical data, and malaria. 


Genetics, mental health, methods, statistical genetics, data science, big data

Awards & Recognition

  • Member, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health



Selected Recent Publications

  • Wu B, Pankow JS. "Genome-wide association test of multiple continuous traits using imputed SNPs," Statistics and Its Interface, 2017
  • Wu B, Pankow JS. "On Sample Size and Power Calculation for Variant Set-Based Association Tests," Annals of Human Genetics, Feb 2016
  • Wu B, Pankow JS. "Sequence Kernel Association Test of Multiple Continuous Phenotypes," Genetic Epidemiology, Jan 2016
  • Wu B, Guan W, Pankow JS. "On Efficient and Accurate Calculation of Significance P-Values for Sequence Kernel Association Testing of Variant Set," Annals of Human Genetics, Jan 2016
  • Li YR, van Setten J, Verma SS, Lu Y, Holmes MV, Gao H, Lek M, Nair N, Chandrupatla H, Chang B, Karczewski KJ, Wong C, Mohebnasab M, Mukhtar E, Phillips R, Tragante V, Hou C, Steel L, Lee T, Garifallou J, Guettouche T, Cao H, Guan W, Himes A, van Houten J, Pasquier A, Yu R, Carrigan E, Miller MB, Schladt D, Akdere A, Gonzalez A, Llyod KM, McGinn D, Gangasani A, Michaud Z, Colasacco A, Snyder J, Thomas K, Wang T, Wu B, et al. "Concept and design of a genome-wide association genotyping array tailored for transplantation-specific studies," Genome Medicine, Oct 2015



  • PubH 6450, Biostatistics I